Keep Burglars Away From Your Home by Installing a Home Security System

Every minute of every day, at least four burglaries take place somewhere in the U.S. This accumulates to more than 2 million per year. This sad state of things is a fact that renters and homeowners should consider when thinking about whether or not they should install security systems in their homes.

The question everyone should answer is what price tag they have placed on their families and belongings. You can get help at with calculating your risk as you choose the best approach to your home security. The last thing you want is to be part of these appalling statistics.

security system

To keep people who would seek to harm you or your family, you can use a home security system. A home security system not only discourages burglars from making it a target, it also makes sure that those who might be courageous enough to try are caught and prosecuted.

Often enough, a security system helps you catch the thieves even before they succeed breaking into your home.
In all homes across the United States, only 14% of them have alarms installed to protect them from burglaries.

This is despite the apparent increase in the crime rates for most metro cities around the country. To give you a clear picture of what it means to have a home security system, consider the available statistics.

According to FBI burglary reports, for every three homes that have no home security system installed, one will be burglarized. Compare this to the statistics for homes with security systems in place. FBI reports that only one in every 250 homes that have installed security systems become victims of a robbery.

You might also want to consider that almost 60% of all burglaries take place when most homes have no one around. Thieves take advantage of the fact that most people are away from their homes during the day.

They also target homes that have fences, gardens or trees that cover the house and the compound. This is because they know it would harder to get spotted when there is enough cover to hide from neighbors and passersby.

Another interesting statistic regards the type of burglaries that are most common. The most common burglary involves breaking into someone else’s residence by force. Therefore, with a good security system installed in your home, you are almost assured that you would successfully deal with those who would want to terrorize you in your home.

Empty Leg Flights for Affordable Travel on a Private Jet

Most people travel by business or economy class airlines. Just a select few ever get to enjoy the luxury of traveling on a private jet. Yet today, more people are flying on private jets thanks to empty leg flights that are quickly gaining traction.

Unlike charting a private jet on your own, empty leg flights are cheaper. Sometimes you can spend as little as a quarter of the normal private charter charge.

How do empty leg flights work?

Imagine the number of private jets that fly their customers exclusively from one part of the globe to the other. If one such private jet flew a customer from New York to Boston and had another scheduled flight from Washington DC to Chicago, it would need to travel from Boston to Washington BC to pick up the passenger.

This trip will take place regardless of whether the jet will be carrying anyone passenger or not and is what is referred to as an empty leg flight.

Empty Leg Flights
More often than not, empty leg flights go unsold. For this reason, many private carriers often sell these relocation flights at less than half the usual private jet charter price.

Sometimes you can get one at a discount of 75%. Imagine enjoying the perks of private travel – comfort, security, privacy, convenience – at a fraction of what it would normally cost you? Often these empty leg flights cost almost the same as you would pay to fly on a commercial airline.

How to find an empty leg flight

Finding an empty leg flight is a challenging undertaking and only those with the patience get their hands on one. Unless you are not very particular on the flight you must take, finding a relocation flight that aligns with the details of your travel can be quite frustrating.

The right approach to finding empty leg flights is to stay flexible as well as be okay with booking a flight at the last-minute. It would also serve you well to have a number of people with you so that you can significantly bring down the price of the trip.

You should also make different arrangements for your return trip since empty leg flights cannot offer you this.

You can check for empty leg flights at Flightpath website, at a fraction of the usual cost. Using Empty Leg Finder, you will easily identify these relocation flights and book your trip. And with Block Charter Program, you can get exclusive deals to travel the world on an array of private jets.

Unisys Adds Advisory and Consulting Services to ServiceNow Cloud Platform

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Unisys announced its addition of new advisory and consulting services to its offerings for suite of service management. The new services it is offering is expected to better enable their clients to successfully deploy and manage the ServiceNow cloud as their linchpin when it comes to automated solution and analysis-backed ones that will help make it possible the delivery of new business and IT asset and inventory management tools and serve as the driver in the transformation of digital business. (more…)

Canon ITS to Showcase Clavister Solutions at Japan IT Week

Canon IT solutions is making the news, which would likely interest those who follow it solutions Toronto. Canon It Solutions is one of the core companies of the Canon Marketing Japan group. It’s scheduled to show off Clavister’s high-performance security solutions for networks at this year’s IST. It’s the biggest info security exhibit in Japan. (more…)

The Computer Repair Fundamentals

The time will come that you will be facing problems with your computer and you need to consult it with a computer specialist or in a best it services in Toronto. However if you know the basics on how to repair computer probably you can make it work and there is no need to have a computer repair service to visit you. You can save your time because you do not need to find someone who knows about computer repair. You can just repair it yourself and fix it in just few minutes.


IT Research and Development: An Essential Asset to IT Support


The branches that make up the tree that is IT support are many and divergent. They work in an integrated and efficient manner to offer better top IT company Toronto for any business out there. These branches however stem from three components i.e. personnel, infrastructure and research & development. The latter is unseen and unheard but all the more important to making the IT support structure work.