Characteristic of a Good Managed IT Services Provider in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is not only the capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba but also a home to a wide array of industries. The city provides a rich environment for business in different sectors to thrive including agriculture, energy, manufacturing, communication, healthcare, among many others.

Technology being the backbone that drives many business objectives both in Winnipeg and the rest of the world means that more businesses are seeking for the best coworkers from the vast community of Managed IT Services Providers. So, what characteristics can land you the best IT Services Provider in the business hub of Winnipeg?


24/7 availability for IT support and services


The economy is really moving fast and to keep up with the constantly fluctuating business IT requirements; unconditional IT support and services are essential. Suppose your company is operating on a 24-hour economy, IT poses a major threat in bringing operations to a halt in case of unforeseen emergencies. Pocketing a partner with a quick response team to restore the normalcy in your business operations whenever required is a huge advantage that cannot be taken for granted.


Consultative IT co-workers


Consultative IT co-workers such as ResoluteTS will not force you towards a certain direction. Instead, they will work hand in hand with you using both your short-term and long-term business goals as part of their guide.

A consultative Managed IT Services Provider is more of a friend, they will suggest to you the best ways possible in keeping up with the tight IT requirements within your business environment since your success amounts to their success. With such a bonafide relationship, you let them run all your IT requirements as you focus on other greater tasks towards driving your business to success.


Quick disaster recovery


Disasters usually strike; what matters is the ability of your Managed IT Services Provider to quickly restore normalcy in the event disaster strikes. Take an example of a transport company where most passengers are privileged and prefer to book online; suppose such a system fails, how long will it take their IT services provider to restore the online booking services? Too long means many disadvantaged and angry customers which amount to massive revenue losses.


Exclusive software development craftsmanship


Apart from securing your business IT environment above the set PCI Standards, your ideal Managed IT Services Provider should have the capacity to exclusively develop software.

Most businesses are currently embracing unique software, especially applications, in making their brands known and specifically customized to meet their customer’s need. If you want to operate along such lines, an excellent software development partner can really play to your advantage during both software development and maintenance.

With an in-depth understanding of your market requirements, the partner can really see you to greater heights as a result of the ability to give your market exactly what they are looking to have.

In encapsulation, a fully dedicated IT consultant and coworker are all that your Winnipeg based or any other business needs to prosper. The partner must have a great mastery of applications, infrastructure, and a comprehensive understanding of best IT practices.

Websites as a Means of Communication

The way we interact with text on paper is significantly different from the way we do it on websites. On paper, we read sentences fairly predictably and persistently from left to right. We can go on and on even when there are long sections to cover. The case is however different when it comes to the screens, we tend to scan around unpredictably and settle on eye-catching keywords; we tend to lose interest more quickly and even fail to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

How to benefit visitors from communication on websites

Based on the significant differences between the way we interact with content on paper versus content on screen, there are quite some efforts required in order to benefit visitors from communication on websites. We sampled a few websites designed by PixelCarve and came up with key factors essential in perfectly communicating via websites.


Since our concentration tends to flag on websites, it is good that a web design team focuses on exactly what should be communicated to visitors. Even on large websites where there is a lot to be communicated, priority should be given to most important messages that clearly articulate the massages on the other pages.

Prioritizing also means that the message should be made impossible to miss; this can be achieved through application of various design techniques, especially the use of visual hierarchy.

Drive the message through all the possible means necessary

There are different ways to speak to visitors that create room for driving the message through every possible avenue. These include the use of headlines, subheadings, texts on page, taglines, colors, images, and much more. Navigation also forms part of these avenues since the easier it is to navigate a website the more appealing it is to the users.

Where texts, colors, and other common means of communication are not enough in briefly and precisely driving the message home, they can be backed up with videos and audios which have become a major trend in recent years.

Keep it simple and impactful

As much as web designers should strive to prioritize the key messages, clarity is important on what they do. For clarity to be achieved, it is essential to keep it simple and impactful. Excess should be eliminated which can make a message too exhaustive to digest at a glance. When everything counts in such a simple manner, the audience doesn’t get confused or swayed away from the main objective of the website.

There are plenty fruits reaped from good communication in websites. Firstly, it reduces bounce rates meaning that few visitors typically leave such websites as soon as they open them. Secondly, since most users experience less frustration while on the website, their experiences are turned into more sales, lead generations, and subscriptions. Finally, website owners are likely to experience less unnecessary inquiries from their visitors as a result of work well done in clearly passing the intended messages to their audiences.


Keep Burglars Away From Your Home by Installing a Home Security System

security systemEvery minute of every day, at least four burglaries take place somewhere in the U.S. This accumulates to more than 2 million per year. This sad state of things is a fact that renters and homeowners should consider when thinking about whether or not they should install security systems in their homes.

The question everyone should answer is what price tag they have placed on their families and belongings. You can get help at with calculating your risk as you choose the best approach to your home security. The last thing you want is to be part of these appalling statistics. (more…)

Empty Leg Flights for Affordable Travel on a Private Jet

Empty leg flights

Most people travel by business or economy class airlines. Just a select few ever get to enjoy the luxury of traveling on a private jet. Yet today, more people are flying on private jets thanks to empty leg flights that are quickly gaining traction.

Unlike charting a private jet on your own, empty leg flights are cheaper. Sometimes you can spend as little as a quarter of the normal private charter charge.

How do empty leg flights work?

Imagine the number of private jets that fly their customers exclusively from one part of the globe to the other. If one such private jet flew a customer from New York to Boston and had another scheduled flight from Washington DC to Chicago, it would need to travel from Boston to Washington BC to pick up the passenger.

This trip will take place regardless of whether the jet will be carrying anyone passenger or not and is what is referred to as an empty leg flight.

Unisys Adds Advisory and Consulting Services to ServiceNow Cloud Platform

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Unisys announced its addition of new advisory and consulting services to its offerings for suite of service management. The new services it is offering is expected to better enable their clients to successfully deploy and manage the ServiceNow cloud as their linchpin when it comes to automated solution and analysis-backed ones that will help make it possible the delivery of new business and IT asset and inventory management tools and serve as the driver in the transformation of digital business. (more…)

Canon ITS to Showcase Clavister Solutions at Japan IT Week



Canon IT solutions is making the news, which would likely interest those who follow it solutions Toronto. Canon It Solutions is one of the core companies of the Canon Marketing Japan group. It’s scheduled to show off Clavister’s high-performance security solutions for networks at this year’s IST. It’s the biggest info security exhibit in Japan. (more…)

The Computer Repair Fundamentals


The time will come that you will be facing problems with your computer and you need to consult it with a computer specialist or in a best it services in Toronto. However if you know the basics on how to repair computer probably you can make it work and there is no need to have a computer repair service to visit you. You can save your time because you do not need to find someone who knows about computer repair. You can just repair it yourself and fix it in just few minutes.


IT Research and Development: An Essential Asset to IT Support


The branches that make up the tree that is IT support are many and divergent. They work in an integrated and efficient manner to offer better top IT company Toronto for any business out there. These branches however stem from three components i.e. personnel, infrastructure and research & development. The latter is unseen and unheard but all the more important to making the IT support structure work.