Canon ITS to Showcase Clavister Solutions at Japan IT Week



Canon IT solutions is making the news, which would likely interest those who follow it solutions Toronto. Canon It Solutions is one of the core companies of the Canon Marketing Japan group. It’s scheduled to show off Clavister’s high-performance security solutions for networks at this year’s IST. It’s the biggest info security exhibit in Japan.

Canon IT Solutions will show 2 Claivster products at this year’s exhibit. They include the W30, W20, and E80 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliances. They deliver business-quality network security to small/branch offices. Canon originally teamed up with Clavister during the year 2015. It added Clavister’s solutions to its own security products portfolio, in order to aid in building onto its big Japanese market share for sales of security appliances.

IST is a big event and part of the country’s biggest IT show known as IT Week. It’s a major event for risk/security management pros and people who are in the field of information systems, audit/legal affairs, and corporate planning. The IT security industry in Japan is the 2nd biggest one in the world. Experts believe it will expand from $4 billion up to $10 billion by the year 2020.

Clavister stated that IST is Japan’s biggest event in the world of information security. Thus, it’s a high-profile event to show the company’s teaming up with Canon ITS as well as its security that is world leading. The statement was made by Clavister CEO, Jim Carlsson.

He stated that the company has had an excellent start in partnering up with Canon ITS. It’s developed large sales figures since then, and the company is pleased by the early success the company has experienced in the Japanese market. The company believes it it’s a vital one for company’s growth strategy for the future. The company believes that interest will increase as the company keeps making investments to market with Canon ITS and get more exposed to the market at Its and other events.

Earlier this year the two companies made an announcement that they had made great progress in the It security industry of Japan. This resulted in Canon ITS placing an order with a value of $1.9 million SEK in order to secure solutions from Clavister. In addition, Canon ITS just announced that Statia its sales partner had also made the decision to deploy Clavister E80/W20 appliances in order to support its managed IT services in Edmonton City. More orders are being planned as the two companies do work to earn more market share in Japan for the sector of security appliances. It has an estimated worth of about $360 million.

Canon IT Solutions is a subsidiary that is owned by Canon Marketing Japan. It has more than 18,000 workers around the world. It is also one of the most influential resellers/system integrators of various IT services in the Japanese industry. Canon is quickly boosting its efforts to combine its position as a top provider of security solutions.

Meanwhile, Clavister’s solutions have a range from basic firewalls to Virtual Series Gateways.