Unisys Adds Advisory and Consulting Services to ServiceNow Cloud Platform

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop
Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Business team discussing project with man pointing at the laptop

Unisys announced its addition of new advisory and consulting services to its offerings for suite of service management. The new services it is offering is expected to better enable their clients to successfully deploy and manage the ServiceNow cloud as their linchpin when it comes to automated solution and analysis-backed ones that will help make it possible the delivery of new business and IT asset and inventory management tools and serve as the driver in the transformation of digital business.

The Unisys services are going to be available in any combination that would be relevant to the requirements of the clients. This includes the following:

  • Launch- Here, Unisys decided to install and configure the SevriceNow cloud’s platform. It created a service catalog along with an end-user portal that is dynamic to allow for efficient service access, along with the transfer of operation data. It is also able to train end users of the different features and the new functionality of the system. It is also able to prepare the support organization towards providing them with the necessary solutions when going live.
  • Optimization- here, the company reviews and then benchmarks the maturity of the delivery and the support processes of the clients. It also reviews the technical implementation of their platforms for service-management. This is to ensure that they can drive a maturity jump to help transform their reactive help desk and have it transformed into a reactive help desk instead. This is aimed at improving the overall productivity of the service desk as well as get the resources of the team successfully streamlined.
  • Management- The ServiceWatch suite for the ServiceNow platform is used towards the dynamic discovery along with mapping the relationship among the components of the IT that are specific to the business services of the firm. Unisys will then rationalize the current investment of the clients to create a support framework that is going to be software-defined to ensure that there is proper management of the digital services and related infrastructure that are cloud-based.
  • Integration- Here, Unisys accelerates the enterprise-wide connectivity between the platform for the ServiceNow and the other additional systems with the use of standards APIs or application program interfaces. This could be done through the enterprise messaging for Unisys.
  • Analysis- Unisys is setting up a real time collection of their service delivery and their dashboard for usage data and ten report these findings to help successfully streamline the efficiency of the operation.

The new services that the firm is offering are actually going to complement the previously revealed platform for ServiceNow. This is an offering that is subscription-based which Unisys that will take on the maintenance and the management of the service-management settings of an organization to successfully streamline the operations and get them significantly simplified along the way.

According to Paul Gleeson of Unisys, service management solutions are considered as the key enabler when it comes to digital business due to the fact that they help in the aggregation and the integration of key elements like service catalog analytics of data, along with delivery channels as well as others, towards the efficient deployment and successful management of the model for digital business.