Empty Leg Flights for Affordable Travel on a Private Jet

Empty leg flights

Most people travel by business or economy class airlines. Just a select few ever get to enjoy the luxury of traveling on a private jet. Yet today, more people are flying on private jets thanks to empty leg flights that are quickly gaining traction.

Unlike charting a private jet on your own, empty leg flights are cheaper. Sometimes you can spend as little as a quarter of the normal private charter charge.

How do empty leg flights work?

Imagine the number of private jets that fly their customers exclusively from one part of the globe to the other. If one such private jet flew a customer from New York to Boston and had another scheduled flight from Washington DC to Chicago, it would need to travel from Boston to Washington BC to pick up the passenger.

This trip will take place regardless of whether the jet will be carrying anyone passenger or not and is what is referred to as an empty leg flight.

More often than not, empty leg flights go unsold. For this reason, many private carriers often sell these relocation flights at less than half the usual private jet charter price.

Sometimes you can get one at a discount of 75%. Imagine enjoying the perks of private travel – comfort, security, privacy, convenience – at a fraction of what it would normally cost you? Often these empty leg flights cost almost the same as you would pay to fly on a commercial airline.

How to find an empty leg flight

Finding an empty leg flight is a challenging undertaking and only those with the patience get their hands on one. Unless you are not very particular on the flight you must take, finding a relocation flight that aligns with the details of your travel can be quite frustrating.

The right approach to finding empty leg flights is to stay flexible as well as be okay with booking a flight at the last-minute. It would also serve you well to have a number of people with you so that you can significantly bring down the price of the trip.

You should also make different arrangements for your return trip since empty leg flights cannot offer you this.

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