Keep Burglars Away From Your Home by Installing a Home Security System

security systemEvery minute of every day, at least four burglaries take place somewhere in the U.S. This accumulates to more than 2 million per year. This sad state of things is a fact that renters and homeowners should consider when thinking about whether or not they should install security systems in their homes.

The question everyone should answer is what price tag they have placed on their families and belongings. You can get help at with calculating your risk as you choose the best approach to your home security. The last thing you want is to be part of these appalling statistics.


To keep people who would seek to harm you or your family, you can use a home security system. A home security system not only discourages burglars from making it a target, it also makes sure that those who might be courageous enough to try are caught and prosecuted.

Often enough, a security system helps you catch the thieves even before they succeed breaking into your home.
In all homes across the United States, only 14% of them have alarms installed to protect them from burglaries.

This is despite the apparent increase in the crime rates for most metro cities around the country. To give you a clear picture of what it means to have a home security system, consider the available statistics.

According to FBI burglary reports, for every three homes that have no home security system installed, one will be burglarized. Compare this to the statistics for homes with security systems in place. FBI reports that only one in every 250 homes that have installed security systems become victims of a robbery.

You might also want to consider that almost 60% of all burglaries take place when most homes have no one around. Thieves take advantage of the fact that most people are away from their homes during the day.

They also target homes that have fences, gardens or trees that cover the house and the compound. This is because they know it would harder to get spotted when there is enough cover to hide from neighbors and passersby.

Another interesting statistic regards the type of burglaries that are most common. The most common burglary involves breaking into someone else’s residence by force. Therefore, with a good security system installed in your home, you are almost assured that you would successfully deal with those who would want to terrorize you in your home.